UWS Openings & Closings: Legend, RedFarm, The Purple Fig

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Posted last month that Rack & Soul closed shop at 258 W. 109th (near Broadway) after six years.

A new restaurant has already taken over the space and it’s pretty big news (at least in terms of restaurant openings):

An outpost of Chelsea’s highly regarded Legend Chinese restaurant opened its doors this weekend. Upper West Side Legend UWS Legend

Eater had the news on Friday, including this note:

Legend is a favorite hangout of chefs and restaurateurs, and the dining room is always stuffed to the gills. This is most definitely a huge win for the Upper West Side.

The original Chelsea location (88 Seventh Avenue) earned a spot on Eater’s “Essential 38 New York Restaurants” October list:

This generic-looking Chelsea Chinese restaurant serves some of the best Sichuan food in New York City. The chef here, Ding Gen Wang, is something of a star in his native China. Although everything here is very good, the best dishes are off-the-menu. Make sure to ask about the vegetable specials, and if you’re in a large party, get the incredible fish soup.

Eater staff aren’t the only ones to heap praise on Legend.

I’m a huge fan of spicy Sichuan cooking and will definitely be giving this place a shot. At the moment, I get my Sichuan fix from the Chong Qing spicy chicken at Grand Sichuan (307 Amsterdam, between 74th & 75th).

I stopped by earlier to snap a photo and pick up a menu (see below). The place doesn’t look like much, but the same thing could be said about many good Chinese restaurants.

Definitely looking forward to seeing if Legend lives up to its name.

Speaking of popular downtown Chinese restaurants making their way to the Upper West Side…

It’s been almost five months since news broke that RedFarm is planning an UWS location at 2170 Broadway (between 76th & 77th).

Early word was they were hoping to open before the end of the year, but it appears we’ll have to wait a bit longer.

I traded messages with a RedFarm rep last week about the coming UWS space and got this response:

“No firm opening date yet but it will be sometime in early 2013.”

Oh well — good things come to those who wait.

Finally, if you missed the post earlier today — after several tumultuous months, the Purple Fig is officially no more. The restaurant has closed and reverted back to P.D. O’Hurley’s.

UWS Legend menu — click for full size

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  • Ann

    I keep forgetting to tell you that neighborhood Chinese stalwart Ivy’s Cafe on 72nd has closed and morphed into something new that claims to be fusion or some such. I can’t remember the name (it’s like Amco or something) so I’ll try to snap a picture tonight. It’s quite strange as there’s a new awning and they spruced up the interior, but the menu in the window seems to be the same old Ivy’s menu.

  • Christopher Mak

    on the side of the awning, there is a chicken. They forgot about it. :-)