UWS Openings: Ladino Tapas Bar & Grill

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Here’s a special Friday edition of “Openings,” in honor of the first night of Passover.

Ladino Tapas Bar & Grill, the first kosher tapas bar in NYC, is now open.

Full-disclosure: At 940 Eighth Avenue (near 56th) this is about three blocks shy of being on the Upper West Side. However, I figure it’s close enough — especially if you’re in the southern half of the neighborhood. Also, if you’re an Upper West Sider keeping kosher for Passover but still want to go out, this looks to be a nice option for you.

Thanks to @WhyHoffman for sharing a link from Koshertopia — they report the following:

Koshertopia has confirmed that Ladino Tapas Bar & Grill has opened at 940 Eighth Avenue (At Columbus Circle – 56th St.) under the supervision of the OU. The first kosher Tapas bar in Manhattan offers a variety of Tapas and a full bar below the $30 range. Ladino is also open during Chol Hamoed.

GreatRestaurantsMag.com, which appears to specialize in covering kosher restaurants, has a lengthier write-up, including this:

Ladino Tapas Bar and Grill is a Latin fusion restaurant with a variety of South American influences. Think chips dipped in spicy cilantro, chicken and meat hot off the grill, and savory appetizers known as tapas. Add cocktails, mojitos, frozen margaritas and flavorful wines, and you’ll understand what this new establishment is all about.

It’s worth reading the rest of the post, as they have quite a few more details — it actually sounds pretty tempting even for those who don’t have dietary restrictions (plus they have a nice photo of the interior).

Ladino will feature live Spanish music and hand-rolled cigars on Saturday nights. Chef/owner Alex Petard is a veteran of Les Halles and the UWS’s Bistro Citron.

You can view Ladino’s website here — they’ve got a special menu of Passover tapas.

There’s already a discussion about Ladino over at ChowHound.com (invaluable website) — definitely check out that thread if you’re looking for more information.

You should note that Landino opened very recently and they’re still not at 100% — per Kosher Critic at ChowHound:

It is not yet fully operational, e.g., some items on the menu are not yet available and the complete wine list and full bar will be available after Pesach. That said, based on my experience, Ladino has some really good potential.

That’s just a snippet of a longer, and pretty positive, post — click over for more.

From the little that I’ve dug up on this place, it seems as though it might have some real crossover appeal even to those who don’t keep kosher. If anyone goes, please let me know about your experience.

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