UWS Photo Gallery: Space Shuttle Enterprise’s Historic Flight Over NYC/UWS

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Posted some photos yesterday of space shuttle Enterprise’s historic flight over NYC and the UWS.

Quite a few people sent in additional shots over the past 24 hours and I wanted to share some more.

The photo above is by MUW reader and local photographer Pete Labrozzi (full-size version here). Taken from Pier I in Riverside Park, it looks so clear it might as well be a press shot.

(FYI, Pete does weddings, portraits, and more)

Here are some more pictures from readers around the neighborhood:

(click for larger images)

Three more photos by Pete, including the scene at Pier I and a nice shot of Enterprise heading south with the GWB in the background. (Flickr gallery here)

(click for larger images)

Left: Ashira Konigsburg snapped Enterprise flying by UWS landmark Riverside Church. The photo was taken from the 6th floor of the Jewish Theological Seminary at Broadway & 122nd

Center & Right: Brendon captured Enterprise on both it’s northbound and southbound runs as it passed the remains of the historic 69th Street Transfer Bridge in Riverside Park South (he was positioned at the bottom of 68th Street steps).

(click for larger images)

Left: Lincoln Center posted this on their Facebook page: “We just spotted Space Shuttle Enterprise flying over Lincoln Center. An amazing view. (Photo by James Sims, our Digital Content Editor)”

Center: Christy took this from a rooftop at Broadway & 72nd

Right: @jriswick posted a photo that proves you didn’t need to be a rooftop or next to the river to catch a glimpse of Enterprise. This was taken at Broadway & 80th — you can see Enterprise flying right in between Zabar’s and the soon-to-be Verizon Wireless store.

(click for larger images)

A few nice close-ups from various locations:

Left: Anne took this from Pier I, noting “It was a lovely morning on the pier with other enthusiasts (although very breezy and chilly). The fly-by was spectacular.”

Center: @Parkds captured this from the 79th Street boat basin (some more close-ups in his Flickr stream).

Right: Yolanda took this from a rooftop on West End in the 80s (I was standing next to her at the time).

(click for larger images)

These first two images aren’t from the neighborhood, but they were taken by Upper West Siders who were at work elsewhere:

Left: Thomas caught a great shot from the 17th floor of a building overlooking Battery Park. This and a few other photos he took were featured on CNN’s “iReport” (here, here, here, & here).

Center: Pete’s wife, Angela, took this from an office in Midtown West. You can see Enterprise about to pass over its future home, the USS Enterprise.

Right: This was posted by NBC and I just thought it was a cool photo. You can see Enterprise heading north over the Hudson as it approaches the UWS (Time Warner Center visible all the way on the left).

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos — apologies if I didn’t get to use yours.

If you’re looking for more photos, here are some galleries from NASA, CNN, and CBS-NY.

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