UWS Photo Of The Day: Another (Fuglier) Angle Of West 71st Street Penthouse Addition

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

(Click for full-size)

UPDATE 5/8: UWS CONSTRUCTION PORN: Official Zoning Diagrams For 226 W. 71st Penthouse Extension

Posted a photo last week of the modern penthouse addition to the townhouse at 226 W. 71st (between Broadway/Amsterdam & West End).

I had asked if anyone living in an adjacent building could send a photo from another angle and MUW reader Susan obliged with the shot above, taken from the roof of a townhouse located across the street.

I’m not much of a traditionalist and thought the addition didn’t look too bad from the street, but it’s a bit fuglier from this angle — it kinda looks like a tugboat.

If you look at the full-size version of the photo, the addition appears to continue down the back of the building.

The property listing noted the building was only 20′ x 60′ but is located on a 20′ x 100′ lot, so it’s conceivable there’s a sizable addition in the rear as well. The original building encompassed roughly 4,800 square feet, but with the possibility for approximately 3,000 more to be added on.

Also, it’s interesting that there are no windows on the side of the penthouse. I can’t help but wonder if perhaps there’s a pool up there — I saw one on a different UWS penthouse addition yesterday afternoon (sorry, no pic).

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  • fitz fitzgerald

    Surely all permitted development data is available for perusal, on line or otherwise ?

  • MyUpperWest
  • fitz fitzgerald

    It may well be worth alerting the planning authority on the basis that the built addition may not reflect the original consent given. In which case it may be condemned and possibly demolished. If it is illegal and unchallenged, a precedent for the neighbourhood will be set and others will follow its example. That is how cities degrade.