UWS SCHMUCK OF THE WEEK: The Guy Who Followed His GPS Down A Staircase In Riverside Park

Monday, May 6th, 2013

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It’s been a while since the last UWS Schmuck Of The Week, but thankfully this guy came along.

Talk about a wrong turn…

MUW reader Kitty snapped this spectacular GPS FAIL in Riverside Park a few days ago.

Apparently this guy blindly followed his electronic guide into the park and was heading down the stairs at 88th Street (just south of the Soldiers’ & Sailors’ Monument) before it dawned on him to… you know… hit the brakes.

The car’s back wheels are on “street level,” while the front tires are hanging over the first few steps. It looks like a front-wheel drive model, so my guess is reversing out wasn’t an option and a tow truck had to be called.

That’s a cop on the right — not sure if the guy on the left with the dog is the driver or a bemused bystander. I assume it’s the latter and the driver is hiding in shame somewhere out of frame.

The car has Rhode Island plates, although I’m not sure that’s a valid excuse.

So, congratulations GPS Guy: For driving into a clearly marked public park and getting your car stuck on a staircase, you sir, are a schmuck.

This reminds me of The Office episode in which Michael follows his GPS into a lake…


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  • Dione Drew

    I love that he didn’t see the stairs until he’d already driven off them.

  • lostwallet

    Damn, they just fixed those stairs, too.

  • born_2b_different

    If I had to guess, I’d say he had his GPS set for walking directions. This has happened to me a couple of times, although I mentally overrode the directions.

  • Moosecrackers

    Re: the “Michael drives car into lake” video schtick, a guy following his GPS device at the Alaska Ferry dock in Whittier actually did drive off a pier into saltwater last summer.

  • Drew

    I think you mean “hit the brakes” instead of “breaks”. It’s called proofreading.

    But I did get a laugh out of the article. Thanks for sharing.

  • MyUpperWest

    Thanks — corrected.

  • BillORaleigh

    Are you just assuming it was due to a GPS device? Do you know for sure? Wanted to forward this to my GIS friends but then had second thoughts. Maybe he just took a wrong turn.