WEDNESDAY: Monthly Casual “UWS Work From Home” Meeting/Networking/Social Event

Monday, January 14th, 2013

The January “UWS Work From Home” meeting/networking/social event will take place on Wednesday, 1/16.

The monthly “meetings” serve as a great opportunity for people in the neighborhood who are self-employed, telecommute, freelance, or otherwise work from home to get out and meet people in similar situations from around the UWS.

I’ve attended a bunch of the gatherings and always get to meet some really interesting people working across a variety of fields. There’s networking and the exchange of professional ideas, but it also serves as a social event for people who don’t otherwise have a water-cooler to congregate around.

Details are available via Eventbrite. If you can RSVP, great. If not, feel free to just show up.

The action goes down from 4:00 – 6:00 pm (and possibly later — I was there until 8:00 pm last month) at The Dead Poet (450 Amsterdam, between 81st & 82nd).

There’s no obligation to arrive by a certain hour or stay for any predefined length of time — it’s a pretty casual affair.

If you work from home and live in the neighborhood, stop by for a beer or soda (or bring your own coffee) and a break from the monotony of sitting at “the office” alone all day.

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