What’s Open On The Upper West Side?

Sunday, August 28th, 2011


UPDATE 4:26 pm: Great response so far — more than 60 submission. Thanks to everyone who has tweeted, e-mailed, and posted on Facebook. Keep the tips coming!

UPDATE 5:31 pm: We’re up to about 100 submissions and counting — thanks again for all the great feedback!

I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails from people asking if I know what’s open in the neighborhood. While I’m certainly flattered to be a go to resource for people, I actually haven’t even left my apartment today.

That said, I think this is a great opportunity to do some crowd-sourcing and compile a list. Unfortunately, I’m still having issues with comments, so we’re going to have to do this by e-mail and Twitter, or you can post comments over at facebook.com/myupperwest.

If you’ve spotted something open in the neighborhood, whether it be a supermarket, restaurant, store, or whatever, let me know. E-mail alerts [at] myupperwest.com, use Facebook, or tweet to @MyUpperWest and I’ll update this post as information comes in.

I’ll kick things off with a couple of mentions:

  • Boat Basin Cafe is open, but they’re only serving booze (no food). Could be worse.
  • Isabella’s (359 Columbus Ave at 77th St) and Ocean Grill (384 Columbus Ave at 78th St) will open at 4:00 pm. $10 Hurricane cocktails (first one is free if your name is Irene) at both restaurants and $1.50 Hurricane Harbor Oysters at Ocean Grill
  • Anita posted on MUW’s FB page a little while ago: “What hurricane? :) The usual long Sunday brunch line outside Good Enough to Eat!”
  • Update: 3:39 – Chana writes that Nice Matin (Amsterdam & 79th) is open.
  • Update: 3:42 – @Cogrady says “Cafe du Soleil has announced that they are open today for brunch and dinner”
  • Update: 3:43 – @suefishman: “City Diner is open and packed! Had a great breakfast there this AM.”
  • Update: 3:47 – @ellenmaguirenyc has a bunch of opening: Tal Bagels, Golden Boy Market, “Regional opens for brunch at 1:15 pm”, Book Culture
  • Update: 3:51 – @LukesLobster opens at 5 pm (UES and EV too, but not FiDi)
  • Update: 3:54 – Keith via FB: Viand Cafe has been open all day. Five Napkin Burger and Luke’s Lobster posted on twitter that they will open at 5:00 pm.
  • Update: 3:55 – Tolu Lafe Badders via FB: Big Daddy’s and Metro Diner are open
  • Update: 3:56 – Mark via FB: Associated Supermarket at 97th & Amsterdam is open
  • Update: 3:57 – Sonny via FB: Cascabel Taqueria & Saji’s are open
  • Update: 3:58 – Kris via FB: Confirms that Regional was opening around 1ish
  • Update: 3:59 – Anita comes back with more via FB: King Chinese Food, Amsterdam Deli, Hi Life Bar/Grill, Sol y Sombra, Alachi Masala
  • Update: 4:00 – Jamie via FB: Tenzan on Columbus & 73rd is open
  • Update: 4:01 – Karina via FB: Original Rays Pizza on 82nd st and 83rd st on Columbus is open and Gristedes on 84th st and Columbus is also open!
  • Update: 4:03 – Brendon via FB: Blondies on 79th is open, “their kitchen staff arrived to a rockstar reception.” Patsy’s Pizza is also open.
  • Update: 4:04 – Preetam via FB: Europan, Red Velvet, most of the street side bodega things
  • Update: 4:05 – Anita is back with more: Fred’s is open
  • Update: 4:06 – Gaby via FB has a slew of open spots: Pinky Nails @73rd, Haagen Dazs, Urlich’s Liquor, West Side Diner, The Muffin Cafe, Athleta, Theory, Tenzan, Silo, Mughlai, Equinox Gym, and Amsterdam Inn
  • Update: 4:08 – Laura via FB: Sal and Carmine’s Pizza!
  • Update: 4:10 – @SoozQNL: Viand on B’way/75th open. Cafe71 on B’way/71st open since very early this morning!
  • Update: 4:12 – @sonnyrd: Broadway Restaurant on bway/101- which is empty most days- was packed this morning! :)
  • Update: 4:13 – @UWSmetsfan: Broadway Market and Taste-D-Lite are open
  • Update: 4:16 – @hjfalk: The Yard on Freedom Place is open with full bar & menu
  • Update: 4:19 – @eveoster: Talia’s, Deli Kasbah, and Seasons Supermarket are all opened for kosher patrons
  • Update: 4:23 – @Emily__Egan: Nussbaum & Wu is packed but seats still available!
  • Update: 4:27 – @rocar86: Muffin Cafe is open too!
  • Update: 4:30 – Jillian via FB: All of the Equinox gyms are open! As someone else already mentioned, I had a tasty slice of pizza at Sal and Carmine Pizza today as well.
  • Update: 4:31 – Karina via FB: Subway on 84th St next to Gristedes on Columbus is also open.
  • Update: 4:32 – Jessica via FB: The Parlour is open! And the M86 Bus!
  • Update: 4:33 – John via FB: Gin Mill and Jake’s Dilemma on Amsterdam are open and serving food and booze
  • Update: 4:39: Jillian adds via FB: George Keeley posted on Twitter that they were open today as of 2pm.
  • Update: 4:43: @thatguymark: CVS @ 96th/Amsterdam; Indus Valley at 100th/Bway both open.
  • Update: 4:46: Anthony via e-mail: Indus Valley is open for dinner. Gristedes on 103rd closes at 8 PM tonight. The McDonalds and Ben & Jerry’s on 104th are open.
  • Update: 4:48: Taryn via FB: Blondie’s and Sunburnt Calf are OPEN on W79th St. Believe that there is no table service at Blondie’s, but don’t quote me on it. Harry’s Burritos at Columbus & W71st are opening at 5 pm! Bella Giardino on W71st is open, and so is Big Nick’s Too, also Columbus and 71st.
  • Update: 5:00: @heathjw: Candlelight Wine and Spirits on broadway btw 83/84 is open.
  • Update: 5:02: B.R. Guest e-mailed to say Atlantic Grill at Lincoln Center is joining Isabella’s and Ocean Grill on the “Open” list. Same deal as above – $10 Hurricane cocktails (first one is free if your name is Irene) at both restaurants and $1.50 Hurricane Harbor Oysters at Ocean Grill
  • Update: 5:07:  @heathjw: Add that Westside Market at 76th open.
  • Update: 5:09: @FilmLinc is up and running
  • Update: 5:11: Ilene via FB: Westside Judaica is open. Clearly we were saved by a higher power :)
  • Update: 5:13: Katherine via FB: Very grateful to St. James Gate at 81st and Amsterdam for staying open for dinner last night and greeting participants for lunch this morning!
  • Update: 5:29: Jamie via FB: Dead Poet is open on amsterdam & 82nd
  • Update: 5:34: @annetteclancy: Gristedes & Aangan on Broadway @ 103 are open, Gristedes till 8pm
  • Update: 5:50: @emily_cohn: Kitaro Sushi (Amsterdam between 84th and 85th). Most bodegas are open, too.
  • Update: 5:56: @agac: George Keeley is open…and rockin’.
  • Update: 6:04: Riva via FB: Seasons on Amsterdam and 93rd open, until 9 pm tonight. CVS on Amsterdam and 86th open too.
  • Update: 6:13: Jennifer vis FB: Barcibo, Bin 71, Nanoosh and Food Emporium on 68 and bwy
  • Update: 6:22: @hungrydomaine: Calle Ocho is open
  • Update: 6:28: Didi via FB: The ever reliable Andy’s Deli on 74th/Amsterdam has been open all day and has no signs of closing down anytime soon!
  • Update: 7:05: @tohruw: Dive Bar on Amsterdam (bet 95/96) is open and rockin!
  • Update: 7:27: Susan via FB: Jubilee on Freedom Place is open until 8. And I just saw the M72 go by.
  • Update: 7:31: Daren via e-mail: Malecon No. 2 and Ozen are open on Amsterdam Avenue, btwn 97th and 98th.
  • Update: 7:33: Stephanie via e-mail: B Cafe West is also open.
  • Update: 7:36: @BHisaRockstar: The Neighborhood and Amsterdam Tavern are open. Tavern has $5 hurricanes.
  • Update: 7:45: Michelle via e-mail: Gabriela’s on Columbus.
  • Update: 7:46: Ocean Grill is out of Hurricane Harbor Oysters, and it’s possible that Atlantic Grill @ Lincoln Center is as well. They’re offering Naked Cowboy oysters for $1.50 each while supplies last. Thanks to Jenny for the tip!
  • Update: 7:53: @NikiMarie: Pomodoro on Columbus btw 70 & 71 open

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